Developing Irresistible Business Cases: Course Materials

BCAS Slides image.png


Here are the slides from the course... All 176 of them.


SBW - completed - image.png

Solution Brainstorming Worksheet(s)

Here, we have three documents available to you. Both Word and PDF versions of the blank worksheet, as well as a completed version.


sol worksheet - image.png

Solution Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you flesh out the various ideas you come up with during brainstorming.


cba - image.png

Cost-Benefit Analysis Hand-Outs

Two documents here: First, the CBA template (in Excel). The second is a pair of completed examples, used in the course.


dec tables - image.png

Decision Table Hand-Outs

Here, we have a template, as well as completed examples.


bcas template - image.png

Business Case Document

Here, you have both the MS Word template, as well as the completed version covered in the course.


one-pager - image.png


Here is the ever-useful solution one-pager. This template is filled out, as an example.


Entire Story.png


This template will help you quickly put together a compelling story for your project.