A manager’s task is to make the strengths of people effective and their weakness irrelevant.
— Peter Drucker


Are your Business Analysts better today than a year ago? A quarter ago?

Continuous team improvement is a key to happier employees, better products, and satisfied customers. At NorwalkAberdeen, we focus on the impediments your team is facing and how to overcome them. Our engagements are 100% dedicated to making your team into better Business Analysts, better team members, and better employees.


Business analysis teams face significant pressure to deliver ever higher-quality solutions, reduce costs, display expertise in the line of business, have a broad knowledge of technology, and leverage best practices. Add to these the massive rate of change in our organizations and markets, and the challenge can be overwhelming.

NorwalkAberdeen helps organizations manage these challenges by working with you to ensure that your teams are firing on all cylinders. We can help you set up the right organizational structures, assess the unique traits of each of your team members, and help chart a development path for each one and coach them along that path.


Do you have a very specific analysis need that your team doesn’t have experience with? We work with organizations of all sizes to tackle immediate problems.

If you have a thorny project that needs an outside perspective, we can help. If you have a complex requirements-gather phase to execute in a short period of time, we can run it for you. If you need to run a JAD or JRP session but don’t have the experience it requires, we are here.

Whatever your business analysis need, NorwalkAberdeen can help.




Choosing the right model for your business analysis organization

Choosing the right model for your business analysis organization