NorwalkAberdeen’s on-demand courses are focused on giving you the training you need to get the job done.

Our affordable training is offered in 1-6 hour recorded video courses. Because of their format, you can participate in the course on your own schedule.

After purchasing the course, you have access to it forever. You can come back to the course whenever you like for a refresher.


Fundamentals of Business Analysis

This course provides everything you need to get started in your career in business analysis.

Our courses focus on how analysis is performed in the real world, and they’re full of examples, case studies and lessons learned from actual Business Analysts on the job.

This is a perfect first course in any business analysis curriculum.


Developing Requirements

Dive into requirements elicitation and documentation with Developing Requirements.

In this course, we review the myriad ways in which Business Analysts work with stakeholders to understand their needs, as well as those of the enterprise. 

This course naturally follows Fundamentals of Business Analysis.



Agile Business Analysis

Agile is quite simply the hottest topic in business analysis today.

Technologists and business people alike are attracted to its rapid and iterative methods. But it wasn't designed for Business Analysts, and this can cause problems for BAs.

Our Agile Business Analysis course sets Business Analysts of all experience levels on the right path.


Working with Use Cases

Use cases are one of the most commonly used techniques for analyzing and modeling systems and business processes.  They are a core component of every Business Analyst's toolbox.

This course will give you everything you need to know to get up and running with this powerful methodology of analysis.

The course consists of four lectures plus a case study.  Students will be able to download a use case template for their own personal or business use.


Introduction to Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling is a key element of the Business Analyst's toolbox, but how well do you know it?

This intermediate-level course explores business process management methodologies (focusing on Lean Six Sigma); shows you how to leverage flowcharts, UML and BPMN for analysis; and brings it all together with an airport case study.



Developing Irresistible Business Cases

Are you working on projects that just don’t make a difference in your organization?

The problem is that business cases are being done wrong… and it’s up to you to fix it.

The best Business Analysts are able to take a problem, find a solution, develop a project proposal, and promote its business case to senior management. And that's what this course enables you to do.