Don't just Write User Stories. Map them.


Imagine having a product backlog with ten user stories in it. How long will it take you to prioritize that list? Not very long. It’s pretty easy; you just do it.

Now imagine having a product backlog with 300 user stories in it. That will obviously be a lot more work to manage.

For a new product, you’ll start out with an empty (or small) backlog. But it won’t stay that way. Product Owners love to come up with new features, and features are much faster to ideate then to actually design, develop, and test. So, your problem will soon be finding a way to work with the Product Owner to manage a large number of stories.

The solution is the Story Map. Check out this lecture from our new course, Agile Business Analysis:

There is a lot more great content and advice in the course, and I will strongly encourage you to check it out.

Story maps can be a very powerful tool to manage your backlog. I suggest starting yours today.