Agile Business Analysis (NY)


Agile Business Analysis (NY)

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Agile is the hottest topic in modern business analysis, and organizations of all sizes are adopting its iterative, customer-focused approach to product and system development. However, business analysis in an agile environment requires a completely different approach than those used in waterfall-oriented methods.

In this one-day course, you will learn how to quickly analyze customer and product needs without getting bogged down with extensive documentation and old habits.


This course is perfect for Business Analysts, Product Owners, and other agile team members responsible for translating customer needs into valued product outcomes.

Free Information Session

April 17th, 2018, 12:30 - 1:00, Eastern Time

Course Overview


  • Why the Hype? What Agile Delivers
  • Being Agile: Values and Principles
  • Doing Agile: Methods and Frameworks
  • Agile vs. Business Analysis

The Agile Team

  • The Team
  • The Product Owner
  • The ScrumMaster
  • The Business Analyst Role: Forging an Effective Path



      • Backlogs
      • User Stories
      • Acceptance Criteria
      • Epics, Features, and Themes
      • Other Documentation

      Product Strategy

      • Products
      • Ensuring Alignment with Firm Strategy
      • Assessing Customer and Business Value
      • Story Mapping

      Business Analysis Techniques

      • Analysis and Modeling in the Agile Context
      • Managing your Agile Process

      Your Instructor

      Don Hussey runs the business analysis training, coaching, and advisory practice, NorwalkAberdeen.

      Before starting the firm, he ran the BA Center of Excellence for Citi Private Bank. Before that, he managed a team of BAs at Citi, after being a Business Analyst at Morgan Stanley.

      He has spent more than fifteen years doing business analysis, managing BAs, directing teams of BAs, training BAs, coaching BAs, and helping business analysis organizations to be hyper-effective.