The New Business Analysis Ecosystem

November-December 2016

Changes in customer demand and big technology vectors (e.g. web, mobile, social, cloud, DevOps) have changed the dynamics and economics of software and product development. The resulting technology organizational changes have necessarily made our enterprises more agile and lean. The natural outgrowth of this will be changes to how business analysis gets done. 

Indeed, these changes to our ecosystem are creating an entirely new approach to business analysis, centered on collaboration, a shifting of emphasis from artifacts to actual product, a more direct focus on enterprise value, a lessening of the importance of project-level analysis in favor of enterprise analysis, and a corresponding increase in the overall value of the Business Analyst to the enterprise.

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Choosing a Model for your Business Analysis Practice

September-October 2016

Perhaps you are a Business Analysis Manager struggling with the inconsistency of analysis methodologies and BA skill-sets across your organization. Perhaps you are an executive leading several business analysis teams that can’t seem to work together. Or perhaps you’re a Business Analyst working on confidential projects, and you don’t know where to go for help internally.

This diverse set of challenges may indicate a problem with the structure of your organization’s business analysis function. Here we will compare the various modern models for business analysis practices and explore which model(s) can best suit your organization.

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