Fundamentals of Business Analysis: Section 5 Materials


Section 5 Slides

These are the slides from section 5 (Transforming Requirements).


analysis and modeling cheatsheet.png

Analysis & Modeling Cheat-Sheet

This handy one-pager lists all the analysis and modeling methods used in the course, describes when to use them, and gives you guidance on how/when to share them with stakeholders.


decision table handout.png

Decision Table Hand-Out

If you want to avoid the complex formulas in weighted decision tables, you'll probably want to download this Excel spreadsheet as a starting point.


stakeholder needs assessment.png

Stakeholder Needs Analysis Template

Another handy template that makes it easier to figure out what stakeholders' needs are, how they conflict, and how to find a solution that makes everyone happy.


Pointing Man.jpg

Case Study: Working with Crazy Stakeholders

This is a good overview and case study of how to work with stakeholders with unrealistic expectations. It's a must-read.

Hint: They're not really crazy, after all.



$10 Coupon for Working with Use Cases

There is a LOT more to cover with use cases than what we have in the Fundamentals course. If you want a deep-dive into one of the most powerful methods in business analysis, check this one out.



$10 Coupon for Intro to Business Process Modeling

BPM is a must-have skill for any Business Analyst. If you want to see how to model the processes in your enterprise -- and fix those processes -- you'll want to check out this course.



UML for the IT Business Analyst

Fantastic book by Howard Podeswa. Covers UML in a very practical way with lots of examples.