Fundamentals of Business Analysis: Section 3 Materials


Section 3 Slides

These are the slides from section 3.


Agile Guide Image.png

Guide to Agile Business Analysis

Our Guide to Agile Business Analysis is a must-have for all BAs. This free, 22-page guide covers everything a Business Analyst needs to know to get started in an agile project environment.


rdm guide.png

Requirements Definition Model Quick Guide

This quick guide is a good overview of our three-step model, enabling you to quickly plan and manage your own requirements analysis project phase.



Business Analysis Body of Knowledge

The famous Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), published by IIBA, is an absolute must-have for all Business Analysts. It covers each of the major analysis subject areas.



A Few Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia has a lot of great in-depth information on the life cycles discussed in the course:



The Agile Manifesto

To learn more about Agile, there is no better starting point than the Agile Manifesto itself.




To understand the project life cycle best, it's worthwhile to check out the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), as well as the Project Management Institute (PMI) site.



The Product Manager's Desk Reference

To learn more about the product life cycle, check out the Product Manager's Desk Reference. It is one of the best all-around guides that covers product management across industries. Recommended for those BAs working heavily with Product Managers or working with Product Owners in an Agile environment.