Fundamentals of Business Analysis: Section 2 Materials


Section 2 Slides

These are the slides from section 2.


stakeholder needs cheatsheet.png

Stakeholder Interests Cheat-Sheet

We also have a cheat-sheet for stakeholder interests. This one shows you the most common needs of your most common stakeholders.

It's good to print out and stick on your cube wall.


stakeholder needs assessment.png

Stakeholder Needs Analysis Template

Another handy template that makes it easier to figure out what stakeholders' needs are, how they conflict, and how to find a solution that makes everyone happy.


Pointing Man.jpg

Case Study: Working with Crazy Stakeholders

This is a good overview and case study of how to work with stakeholders with unrealistic expectations. It's a must-read.



Getting to Yes

Getting to Yes (by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury) is one of the best, most accessible to negotiating successfully. A great read for any business analysis professional.