In this free, one-hour webinar, we'll cover what you need to turn your development/testing experience into a business analysis role.

IT professionals are turning more and more to the business analysis profession. 

Some want more exposure to the business. Others want to shape solutions, not just write/test software. And others want a wider scope of involvement in business operations, to interact with people more and solve real business problems.

But with all the competition, it’s getting harder and harder to make this transition.

  • Employers are increasingly seeking significant analysis experience
  • The “Junior Business Analyst” job req is largely a thing of the past
  • They are focusing more and more on multi-functional BAs, able to play a variety of roles
  • They are putting more and more scrutiny into candidate resumes... 
  • And it’s not like the economy has gotten significantly better in the last ten years

Despite these trends, developers and testers have unique skills they bring to the table.

What you need is an edge.

Join us this Thursday, October 12th, at 1pm US Eastern time to see how you can leverage your development and testing expertise to break into the BA role you want.